Outfit: Crème

I am in love. And it's a super exciting and fresh new love.
I am in love with crème, white and all those light colours I would have never ever worn two years ago.
For me it's deeply interesting how ones style can change so much over the years.
Also my body image has changed drastiqually. I've never ever felt so comfortable in my own skin, as I do nowadays.

I've been always an all black kinda girl, but somehow I now loooove the contrast between chic and pure neutral clothes and my tattoos.
And as I have my next tattoo appointment already in July, I am questioning myself all the time how my style may change after that again. (As I am getting quite a lot new tattoos! Haha!)

I exist too much, I feel too much, think too much.
Reality is crushing the life out of me

Let's talk fashion!
Mango is nailing it at the moment! Really!!! I could order there all the time!!!
Most of my new spring/summer clothes I've got over the last weeks from Mango.
Also this beautiful top which fits like an absolute dream and these stunning sandals.
I got these pants last year in Zara and worn them so so much since then.



Pants: ZARA (similiar)          / Belt: Mango            / Top: Mango              / Sandals: Mango