Skincare Series / AVÈNE & DR HAUSCHKA

Hey guys!
Today I want to introduce you to a new series on my blog.
I will talk about skincare!
After so many years of try and error I'm now in a position, where I can finally say "I love my skin and found my perfect skincare routine/products"
Well just saying, the products which work for me, may not work for you - all I can do is share my story and how this products helped clearing my skin up and soften some tiny wrinkles.

Some backround to my skin.
I've always had some kind of problems with my skin. I had blemished sensitive skin since my early teenage years and never got perfectly rid of it, despite dermatologist visits, countless of products which didn't do anything for my skin (GOD ALL THIS MONEEEEEY!!!!).
And let's be honest, all ( and when I say all, I mean ALL!)  never really helped!

If you are interested how I've cleaned up my skin, just let me know in the comments and you'll get a full storytime! :-)

But in this post it's all about the first two skincare brands I want to share with you.

First one,

One of my all time favourites!
Really, the products are just amazing and helped me out a lot!
If you have sensitive skin, it may be perfect for you.
They have so many good series in stock (the range for blemished skin is really good), but in my case I want to share my three favourite products.

1. Avène - PhysioLift Precision
God, this stuff is so so so good! It has changed my skin texture immediately and I've repurchased it over and over again.
2. Avène - PhysioLift Jour Smoothing emulsion
A super lightweight textured emulsion which is perfect for my skin. It never ever made me break out and it softens and moisturizes my skin perfectly.
3. Avène - YsthéAL eye and lip contour care
Definitely the best eye cream I've ever had.

This brand definitely helped me a lot with my skin problems. I used to use their range for blemished skin and it worked out so so well.

My two favourite products are:
1. Dr. Hauschka - Revitalising Mask
Which I use as an overnight mask and it gives me that super flawless skin the next morning.
2. Dr. Hauschka - Melissa Day Cream
A matting cream, which is perfect to bring the balance back to your skin.


I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of make-up - Demi Moore